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“The key is to have a smarter sales team who is not preoccupied with the competition...”


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We’re Your Sales & Customer
Service Training Solution

All business is sales business and, from receptionists to busboys, stock clerks, deliverymen, installers and every other position, all your people should be sales people. They all must learn how to build relationships for life and keep customers coming back.
Anyone who works for you who doesn’t know they’re in sales is pushing customers to the competition. And costing you business.

If you’re pushing your customers to the
competition, contact Mera. We’ll…

  • Energize your team
  • Boost their confidence
  • Prove that everyone is in sales

We tailor our programs to you and your company, and provide you with the tools to make customers for life.

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 “You far exceeded my expectations. You delivered a presentation that was on target and kept the audience on the edge of their chairs.”
Bill Elovitz

Building #19, Inc.

“All staff left with a relaxed confidence that has spilled over, creating a contagious selling fever that has resulted in higher sales and happy customers…”
Gary Cissell
Director of Flooring

Nebraska Furniture Mart







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